“Vibrant Community” starts with the design of condominium unit that is functional and comfortable. Convenient facilities and common areas are fully utilized to encourage participation in the community and fulfill the life of the residents in all aspects. Sustainable vibrant community comprises four components as follows:

Provide basic infrastructure for the residents i.e.

  • LPN Design Design the unit layout for the utmost benefit of the residents

  • Create common areas where all residents can make use of

  • Provide convenient facilities in the condominium and shuttle bus service to/from a BTS station.

There is a community management team on site to ensure that the community is managed along the same line as the “vibrant community”concept.

  • FFacility Management

  • BBudget Management

  • LLife Quality Management

  • EEnvironmental Management

  • SSafety Management

  • PPeople Management

Condominium Juristic Person Committee, joint owners and residents play an important role in creating vibrant community for all through providing suggestions and collaboration.

is togetherness, care and share.

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